Saturday, June 10, 2006

Another thing that I have been looking into during this week is UML code generation tools. UML is great to explain your ideas about code design, but I hate the fact that there are not many really good tools to write UML code. Since programers would benefit tremendously from this, I assume that they should be interested in developing good UML tools.

I found a program called BOUML that is really fast and feature complete with respect to UML. I know it is as feature reach as Rose Garden, or even posseidon, but at least it is free and it can run fast.

This week I felt the need to come back and see what is going on in Windows world. Although I love UNIX and Macs, I feel that it is important to keep current with what is going on in the Windows world. If not any other reason, because you can write software that really has a LARGE number of users (number count too...).

I am checking the new tools on .NET (right now I am looking at .NET 2.0). I had some experience with .NET 1.0, but I spent too much time far from this to know what is really going on on .NET 2.0. I hope I will learn a lot and also hope to be able to help other people trying to learn.