Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hi, I am back after a long vacation :-)). I am still working with mac os X, and now more than ever! I learned a few tricks on cocoa programming that I think you may like. I will try to share some of this "great knowledge" with you in the next few posts.


Anonymous said...
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Penguin said...

Ive been a long time linux user.. havent tried OS x yet.. I heard its good.. would like to get my hands on it..sometime... Nice articles there.. check mine if you are interested.


mado said...

I´ve been a (basic) Mac user for 12 years now. Working on a Mac in Spain is hard work, as it´s not common. Last year I got an iBook4 running on Panther, and I´m wondering whether I should update it to Tiger. Would you have any comment on that? Thanks.